Supervisors Yee and Safai Pick Projects to Receive ‘Add Back’ Funding


Once again, the San Francisco budget is complete. On Wednesday, Aug. 1, Mayor London Breed signed an $11 billion budget covering the next two years.

Within the collosal document, each district supervisors get roughly $1 million to do with as they choose, usually to fund in-district projects. These items are commonly referred to as “add backs.”

This year, District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee and District 11 Supervisor Ahsha Safai earmarked money for pedestrian safety, business development and job training programs in their districts.

Safai allocated all of his add-back funds to projects in fiscal year 2018-2019 while Yee funded some of his chosen projects through fiscal year 2019-2020.


District 7

Yee secured $250,000 to fund Vision Zero pedestrian safety projects in 2018-2019. Specific projects will be picked through the participatory budgeting process in which residents propose projects and then vote for the best idea.

Youth arts education and job training programs will receive $50,000 in each of the next two years.

The District 7 Youth Leadership Council leadership training program will receive $25,000 in funding for two years.

Yee allocated $20,000 per year to continue hosting outdoor movie nights in the district.

The Recreation and Parks Department will receive $100,000 to contribute to renovating the West Portal Playground and $50,000 to host recreational programs at Sunnyside Clubhouse in 2018-2019.

Yee directed $100,000 in 2018-2019 and $50,000 in 2019-2020 for emergency preparedness projects identified through a participatory budgeting process.

The Department of Youth Services will spend $75,000 in each of the next two years on after-school programming on Ocean Avenue for residents of the Ocean View, Merced Heights and Ingleside neighborhoods.

The Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development received $50,000 towards an Ocean Avenue Neighborhood Corridor Plan.

Lastly, Yee allocated $60,000 to pay for capital improvements completed by “a service provider that primarily serves youth and adults with disabilities.”


District 11

Safai allocated $310,000 to pay for seven Department of Children, Youth and Their Families programs in District 11 in the coming year.

The DCYF funding includes $100,000 for after-school programs at Balboa High School, $70,000 to pay afterschool enrichment teachers, $56,000 for summer school programing for underachieving students, $50,000 to fund afterschool workforce development courses and internships, $50,000 for academic enrichment programing, $24,000 for field trips and drop-in programs, and $10,000 for culinary and green jobs training for teenagers and young adults.

The Department of Public Works will expand its beautification and cleaning services in the district with $100,000 to maintain medians and parklets in the district and $120,000 to expand the regions it power washes and to crack down on trash dumping hot spots.

Safai assigned $125,000 for two Department of Aging and Adult Services projects in District 11, including $50,000 for wellness programs and services for seniors and $75,000 to fund a meal serving the Ocean View, Merced Heights and Ingleside neighborhoods Monday through Friday.

The Department of Public Health will spend $50,000 to hire a part-time employee to educate and organize parents. DPH also received $10,000 to offer family planning and women’s health services.

The Mayor’s of Housing and Community Development will spend $30,000 to train, educate and organize residents around an emergency preparedness plan and to purchase emergency supplies.

Safai earmarked $160,000 for the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development including $70,000 to fund merchant capacity building and real estate and business attraction, $40,000 to fund staff time for corridor planning and business outreach and $50,000 to partner with a housing rights agency to educate tenants about their rights and offer eviction consoling.

Safai allocated $35,000 to fund Recreation and Parks Department projects around the district: $10,000 to repair a bocce ball court, $10,000 to repair the Lakeview Mini Park and $15,000 for the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater.

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