Excelsior Nonprofit Launches ‘Giving Tuesday’ Campaign

The Excelsior Action Group helped design the Excelsior Parklet. Photo: SF Planning Department

An Excelsior nonprofit is launching a ten-day campaign to raise $10,000 on Tuesday, Nov. 28 as part of the national Giving Tuesday movement.

The Excelsior Action Group’s fundraising campaign is meant to draw attention to the work it has done in the past 15 years.

The money collected will go toward operating costs, funding everything from events to small business programs and any project that requires staff time.

“Folks can learn more about us and learn how they can help support the commercial corridor,” said EAG Executive Director Stephanie Cajina.

The EAG, which became nonprofit organization in January, will launch a GoFundMe campaign on Tuesday and post lists of “Fun Things to do in the Excelsior” and past and current EAG projects. The fundraiser will conclude on Friday, Dec. 8, with a Excelsior Holiday Window Display Walking Tour funded by the Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

Past projects include the Ever Upward statue, the Kenny Alley Staircase, the Excelsior Branch Library beautification project and the annual Excelsior Festival.

The project will also highlight the businesses that the EAG worked with to gain Legacy Business status and other city permits.

Summer Koide, an EAG board member, is leading the campaign.

Koide became involved in the EAG in 2015 after walking down a blighted staircase for five years, unsure what to do about her growing frustration with the sight of litter.

After posting to Nextdoor about how to improve the blighted staircase, a neighbor referred Koide to the EAG, which was already working on the project.

“A lot of people in the Excelsior see plenty of things they don’t like, but they don’t think the solutions are within reach,” Koide said. Working on the Kenny Alley staircase, the EAG helped Koide channel her frustrations into progress.

The national campaign began six years ago in 2011 and occurs on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, to coincide with holiday gift-giving and to contrast Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Citing frustrations with national and international politics, Koide said Giving Tuesday is a good reminder that change can start small with neighborhood groups like the EAG.

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