Assemblymember Summarizes Legislative Progress

Assemblymember Phil Ting at a community meeting in January 2016. Neil Ballard/Ingleisde-Excelsior Light

California Assemblymember Phil Ting will summarize legislation passed during this year’s legislative session at a community meeting tomorrow.

“This has been one of the most progressive and productive legislative sessions in recent memory, and I hope our momentum is sustained next year,” Ting wrote in an invitation to the event.

The legislative session ended on Oct. 15, the last day for Gov. Jerry Brown to sign legislation into law. Brown signed four of Ting’s bills this year.

Ting’s Assembly Bill 932 allows for some California cities, including San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley, to build homeless shelters more quickly.

Another of Ting’s bills will create 25 new liquor licenses for San Francisco restaurants on some of the city’s smaller commercial corridors over the next five years.

The new licenses will cost $13,800, a fraction of what a licenses can cost on the open market.

“A license on the secondary market can cost you $300,000, easily,” Alex Walker, a field representative for Ting, said at a recent meeting. “A lot of businesses that aren’t on the hotter commercial corridors can’t recoup that investment.”

Ting’s third bill extends a tax incentive program for urban agriculture and the last allows San Francisco to lease state-owned land under freeways at a discounted rate for use as parks.

This year, Brown also signed a package of 15 housing bills, extended the state’s cap and trade program to 2030 and created a program to invest an estimated $50 billion in transportation infrastructure over the next decade, among other legislation.

Ting’s district covers the westside of San Francisco as well as portions of Daly City and South San Francisco.

Join Ting at West Portal Elementary School, between 10:00 and 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 21, to hear a summary of the legislation passed this year and ask questions.

Contact Ting’s District Office at (415) 557-2312 or visit his website for more information about the event.

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