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Police Raid Excelsior Gambling Den Again

By Alexander Mullaney and Will Carruthers

After conducting months of planning and surveillance, Ingleside Police Station officers raided an infamous gambling den on the 4100 block of Mission Street in the Excelsior District, according to Ingleside Police Station Capt. Joseph McFadden.

Officers arrested five people, detained several others and confiscated several computers at Jhec of All Trades, a storefront located at 4182 Mission St.

Neighbors have complained about the gambling den and its patrons for years. Police raided it in November 2016.

“Last year’s investigation did not yield sufficient evidence to prove charges that we felt would have an effect on the behavior or provide sufficient relief for the community,” District Attorney George Gascon’s spokesman Max Szabo stated. “Nonetheless, the statute of limitations on those charges has not lapsed.”

The DA will make charging decisions related to the Oct. 17 arrests on Oct. 19, according to Szabo.

Gambling dens, which San Francisco police often call “gambling shacks” for their often shabby conditions, have been a consistent presence in the Excelsior and Outer Mission neighborhoods.

“We can raid at any time but, to get a good case, you have to invest a lot of man hours in surveillance,” McFadden said. “Hopefully, this will knock [Jhec of All Trades] out permanently.”

For the case to result in criminal charges, the District Attorney will have to prove that the gambling devices were able to give a payout and were not just used for entertainment.

Ridding the neighborhood of gambling dens has been a challenge for law enforcement because it requires the coordination of many city and sometimes state departments, according to McFadden.

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