Excelsior Nonprofit Installs Pedestrian Safety Signage

Courtesy of Stephanie Cajina

An Excelsior nonprofit with funding from the city installed new signs and placards at ten intersections to draw attention to pedestrian safety on Mission Street, one of the city’s most dangerous corridors for pedestrians.

One sign reads “from July 2011 to June 2016, 11 crashes were reported on Mission Street between Leo and Russia, 1 pedestrian was injured.”

The installations –– a sign announcing the number of pedestrian injuries at each intersection, a chalk ‘X’ painted in the street and informational placards –– are meant to educate pedestrians and drivers about the dangers of the streets.

The project is the Excelsior Action Group’s latest pedestrian safety effort on the southern Mission Street corridor, which is part of the city’s High Injury Corridor Network, the 13 percent of city streets where 75 percent of severe and fatal traffic injuries occur.

“We’re trying to build awareness of how dangerous our streets are,” EAG executive director Stephanie Cajina said.

Portions of Geneva Avenue, Ocean Avenue, Mission Street and Alemany Avenue east of the Balboa BART Station are all on the city’s High Injury Network.

Later this month, the EAG will install banners at the Persia Triangle to draw more attention to traffic safety.

The project was funded by a grant from the Department of Public Health and inspired by a similar project in Los Angeles called X-ing on Adams.

While safety on the corridors has been a concern for years, getting funding for infrastructure projects has proved difficult, according to Cajina.

“[The Excelsior] is less car-centric than LA,” Cajina said. “We have the bones [to make improvements], but we haven’t made the investments.”

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