Nor Cal Fight Shop Aims for a Knockout

Courtesy of Patrick Jernigan

Husband and wife Patrick and Anastasia Jernigan moved their martial arts equipment store, Nor Cal Fight Shop, to San Jose Avenue from the South of Market.

The shop sells a variety of martial arts equipment. Jiu-jitsu uniforms and boxing gloves are the most popular equipment items.

The shop also sells apparel from well-known streetwear brands, and some Nor Cal Fight Shop branded apparel.

The Jernigans are both practicing martial artists. Both hold black belts — Patrick in jiu-jitsu and Anastasia in judo. Anastasia Jernigan studied under judo legend Keiko Fukuda, according to Patrick.

In August, the store celebrated its four-year anniversary, as well as a grand opening of its new location on San Jose Avenue.

At a historic preservation event at Ocean Ale House in August, District 11 Supervisor Ahsha Safai praised the Jernigans for “investing in the community” by moving their business here.

Patrick Jernigan previously operated Nor Cal Fight Shop at 8th and Howard streets in the South of Market.

The store was originally known as On the Mat, which was a chain of martial arts equipment stores, but Jernigan changed the name upon taking ownership.

The San Jose Avenue location is closer to home. “The fact that my wife and I live nearby is important as we want to reduce our carbon footprint,” Patrick Jernigan said.

Many former customers of the 8th and Howard store have visited the new location.

“[The former customers] don’t know about this neighborhood yet, but once they get out here they’re pretty stoked,” Patrick Jernigan said.

The San Jose Avenue store is bigger and has more inventory than the previous location.

Parking around the store is good for San Francisco, which is convenient for the store’s customers who live around the Bay Area.

“If I was selling a generic product, I wouldn’t be doing as well,” Patrick Jernigan said.

The location was previously occupied by City Racquet Shop, which moved a block south to 1836 San Jose Ave., making Nor Cal Fight Shop the second sports equipment store on the street.

Marla Reid, co-owner of City Racquet shop, said “I think it’s wonderful when new businesses open up in the Mission Terrace neighborhood along San Jose Avenue. To have another sports store pop up is even better!”

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