SFMTA To Study McLaren Park Traffic

Photo: San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will study traffic in McLaren Park, following a complaint from a resident that a road looping through the park attracts speeding cars.

After seeing a mention of the city’s recent effort to calm traffic in Golden Gate Park, following the death of a bicyclist in a hit and run accident, Charles Farrugia inquired why a similar project couldn’t be done on Mansel Street and John F. Shelley Drive.

“Speeding cars and the general outlaw mentality that McLaren [is] known for stems from the fact that Shelley Drive and Mansell Street [are] the place to go to get away with murder in your car and [or on your] motorcycle,” Farrugia wrote.

In an email responses from Parks Director Phil Ginsburg and Transportation Director Ed Reiskin, Reiskin promised to assign his Traffic Calming team to measure traffic speeds on John F. Shelley Drive.

Although Shelley Drive is not one of the city’s High Injury Corridors, the roadways that have the highest priority for traffic safety funding, Reiskin said that the MTA has some money set aside for projects near schools and parks, which could be used to install speed humps on McLaren Park’s loop road.

The Recreation and Parks Department has begun work on the $6.8 million Mansell Corridor Improvement project, which includes traffic calming measures and crosswalk installations on Mansel Street.

No improvements are currently scheduled for Shelley Drive.

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