District Supervisor Races and a Gallery of Political Landscapes

As a momentous Election Day approaches, and the rainy weather forces us inside, there is no better time to read about the politics that make up San Francisco.

The Light commissioned journalist Betsey Culp to sketch political landscapes of the six supervisor districts up for the taking on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Each provides a view that is as entertaining as it is informative.

Culp, who published a fine progressive newspaper The San Francisco Call, has drawn on her knowledge of San Francisco history to create compelling and fun to read articles. Please enjoy.

Political Landscapes: In District One, Home is Where the Fog is

Political Landscapes: District Three is Where it All Started

Political Landscapes: District Five’s Patchwork Politics

Political Landscapes: When Cornered, District Seven Residents Show Backbone

Political Landscapes: District Nine’s Punch and Toughness

Political Landscapes: In District Eleven, Common Cause Leads to United Action



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