Second District 11 Art Walk A Resounding Success

With a little something for everyone, District 11’s second Art Walk on Ocean Avenue allowed the neighbors to mingle and enjoy local music and poetry at Java on Ocean and the old Bank of America building Dec. 11.

This Art Walk, like the last one, mixed live performance with traditional art mediums as local businesses took advantage of the newly empty Bank of America building at the corner of Faxon and Ocean Avenues. Promoters billed the event as a one night free family event. Small children in attendance were rewarded by a visit from tree frog treks, who brought a hands on perspective of local plants and animals for kids to grab and interact with. Over 100 people, many of them local teens, gathered at the old library for performances by Out of Site Youth Arts Center, Ingleside Creative Arts and OMI/Excelsior Beacon Center.

The Ocean Avenue Art Walk was partly made possible by the success of the Excelsior Art Walk last summer on Mission Street. The Ocean Avenue event doubled the venue space of Excelsior and even added a private residence to the mix. 519 Faxon Ave. hosted the Studio Art Exhibit that showcased local photographs and paintings in the house’s well lit garage.

The growing popularity of Art Walks in the city is partly due to their social nature. While Supervisor John Avalos and many of the event’s promoters were in attendance, the local artists who showed their work were the critical element which no other event can reproduce.

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